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ARIHANT SOLUTIONS established in 2011, initially at that time we do e-Governance work. In 2018, we started the liquidation work with Amazon, Bajaj, Hindware.

  • e-Governance Services
  • Liquidation Services
  • Barter System for Crockery
  • 360-Degree Business Promotion
  • Incorporate Gifting Services
  • Retail Outlet Presence

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  • What is Arihant Solutions and when was it established?

    Arihant Solutions was established in 2011. Initially focusing on e-Governance, the company expanded its services to include liquidation work with notable partners such as Amazon, Bajaj, and Hindware in 2018.

  • How does Arihant Solutions contribute to business promotion?

    Arihant Solutions is on a mission to promote businesses in 360 ways. Through barter, the company engages in online marketing, print media, magazine features, and outdoor holdings to provide comprehensive exposure and promotion for its clients.


  • How can businesses benefit from Arihant Solutions’ services?

    Businesses partnering with Arihant Solutions can benefit from the unique barter system, gaining exposure through diverse marketing channels. The company’s strategic approach ensures that branded products are not undervalued, and businesses can leverage the extensive retail network for increased visibility and sales.

  • What is Arihant Solutions’ strategy for selling products?

    Arihant Solutions places a premium on not undervaluing your branded products in the market. The company adopts a strategy of selling products through various channels, incorporating gifting and utilizing its 25+ retail outlets for optimal reach and visibility.

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