Smart Raj

Smart Raj: It a state-wide integrated system connecting all urban local bodies’ (ULBs) to address citizen needs and responsibilities in an integrated manner, thus engaging and enabling the citizens. The Department has in the past used Information &Communication Technology (ICT) to enhance access and delivery of government services to benefit citizens, employees and management at a few ULBs in the state. Objectives of Smart Raj:
  • Single Window Services to citizens on anytime, anywhere basis by increasing the efficiency and productivity of ULBs
  • Provide a single integrated view of all ULBs in the state
  • Provide timely & reliable management information for effective municipal administration
  • Improve citizen experience of the interactions with ULB’s
  • Need for ‘SmartRaj”: ULBs manage a large volume and range of civic services. However shortage of staff and other resources coupled with inability to raise capital has been a challenge to bring about the transformation to meet growing expectations from the citizens.
  • ULB’s can improve service delivery by better management, transparency and citizens’ involvement in governance, for which ICT is sought to be leveraged for effective and uniform citizen experience in Rajasthan.
Scope Of World
  • The Vendor would be responsible for visiting each property and collecting all required Data related to that property, also take photographs of each property and reparing database for household/properties and integration of the survey data with property tax module which support in collection of Revenue, taxes and fees from the property holder.
  • The process of building the property data for tax computation has to be done by the SIP by conducting door to door physical survey for capturing the existing property data.
  • A State Level common Standard format designed by department for conducting the Surveys would be used by Vendor.
  • Vendor has to update the property records for different type of properties (urban Lease, Rental, and Property Eligible for Urban Development Tax (UDT)) for collection of Taxes i.e. and to update the records of the ULB by conducting the physical survey. The survey is also required to cover additional two types of properties i.e. Mobile towers and Marriage gardens in Jurisdiction of each ULB for computation and collection of trade license fees. All government properties shall also be surveyed. The ULB shall randomly check at least 5% of the household survey conducted by vendor.
Hardware Used:
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 GB Internal Memory
  • 2 Mega Pixels Camera
Our Role We provided vendors to the Survey Agencies enrolled with the Government of Rajasthan for this survey and covered maximum districts of Rajasthan to successfully complete the work as mentioned in the scope.