Smart Meters Installation:

Smart Meters are the GPRS-based solution that requires the placing of a SIM card in the energy meters for communication which support Bi-directional and Uni-directional measurement and Neutral current measurement. Smart Card operation or Mobile phone app to interface with meter for

There are main following types of smart meters:

Scope of Work

Arihant solutions in contact with the registered companies of this project is successfully achieving the goals in provided time in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

  • meter reading,
  • recharge,
  • tariff revision / any other upgrade provision requirement from utility.
  • Consumption data.
    • Single Phase Meter
    • Three Phase Whole-Current Meter
    • Three Phase LT CT Meter
    • Consumer Indexing
    • Removal of existing meter
    • Installation of new meter along with meter box, board
    • SIM card insertion in the new meter
    • Sealing the new meter
    • Taking meter reading of old & new meter
    • Laying service cable
    • Collecting new meters from local warehouse
    • Handing over old meter to local warehouse
    • Documentation
    • Taking digital photograph after installation