Smart Virtual Classroom Project by ERNET (Education & Research Networks)

ICT information and communication technologies) implementation has given an excellent opportunity for the Indian Education Policy. ICT process allows management and digitization of the content and deployment of platforms and processes for interaction and exchange. The main challenge of this program is to develop alternate modes of the education for efficient management of the whole school system. To set-up Central Location for Hosting MCU, scheduling s/w, Recording/ Streaming Solution for enabling storage of live sessions, offline access and multiparty conferencing. To set-up high-end smart virtual classrooms in each of the identified locations, equipped with hardware based Video Conferencing & electronic teaching aid equipments. The main vision of this Program is to prepare youth to creatively participate and improve the growth of knowledge that leads economic and global development.

The main focus of ICT is to offer:

  • Improvement in knowledge human resources.
  • Education for every student becomes compulsory and important for their future growth.
  • Develop partnership with private and government agencies for delivery of ICT education.

Hardware/Software Requirements

  • Equipments Installation
  • Conducting  Cabling & Connection
  • Room & Equipment Safety
  • Equipment Functionality
  • Table
  • UPS
  • Projector
  • Interactive White Board  (Iwb)
  • Desktop
  • Video Conferencing Desktop     Codec
  • Mic Cum Speakerphone
  • Led Screen Display
  • Remote Batteries
  • Ptz Camera (Only Diet)
  • Speaker Bundle (Only Diet)
  • 40” Led Tv  (Only Diet).
  • D- Link Switch (Only DIET)
  • For Site Preparation
  • LAN Cable should not more than 100 Meter for Broadband connection from termination point. (LAN Cable Make – D-Link)
  • Electrical cable up to 100 Meter for UPS from DB Box.

(Electrical wire Make- 1.5 Sq. mm wire- Havells/ Polycab/ RR)

  • Power Socket & Switch
  • For DIET 8+1 Socket and each Socket having ON/ OFF Switch,
  • For School 5+1 Socket and each Socket having ON/ OFF Switch, (Make- Socket/Switch- ABB/Legrand/Simon)
  • Installation & Testing — Installation of all delivered Hardware equipment’s & Testing should be done between Diet and school location.
  • Video & Photographs –Each school /DIET Locations video and Photographs are required with identification proof (On Interactive white board –School Name/School id/Equipment’s Tag photograph) of Particular locations. 
  • Documents— All documents i.e Site Survey, Installation Report & Acceptance Certificate’s  scan copy or whatsapp required on same day to project team for  their verifications .After verification of  certificate  only submitted/courier.

We Arihant Solutions worked in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Tripura in association with the companies who won tenders of Government to install the Labs.

Only the hardware mentioned in Part A was provided by the company as per the guidelines of the government at the identified sites. All other requirements mentioned in Part B were fulfilled by the vendors we provided to the companies. They successfully completed the work in stipulated time as committed.