Scanning as the name suggests is to encode (text, for example) in digital format by means of an optical scanner. This is a critical process that requires proper skills and care and this is where we step in by offering complete cost-effective solution that helps clients in every possible way. We are continuously delivering high-quality data scanning services to various organizations. Scanning is done in three steps: Stage I – Pre scanning Stage II – Scanning Stage III – Post Scanning Arihant Solutions is connected directly or indirectly with the major Projects of Government related to Scanning that are:  
  1. Land Records in West Bengal & Maharashtra
  3. BHAMASHA DMS in Rajasthan
  4. Maharashtra High Court
  5. Bank of Baroda
  6. Indian Post

There are number of things that are required

in a successful and smooth execution of the projects out of which high quality products are of prime significance. Everything in this arena depends upon the quality of the images and we have tie ups with high quality Book scanners, ADF scanners, flatbed scanners and other IT equipment from amongst the best available OEMs for complete implementation of the work assigned.