Digitization is a process of converting every bits and pieces of information in a Digital format. Every sector and segment either private or public or government is turning Digital. Digital is the future and Arihant is closely associated with the major Projects of Government.

This is what we had achieved in last few years with our efforts:

    1. Digitization of Indian  Post This was the biggest and the most critical move by the government to turn the most reliable and trusted Indian post mobile and Digitized. Under this program government aimed at enhancing India Post’s financial services across 150,000 post offices in the country.
    2. Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS): This Project  aims at interconnecting 15000 Police Stations along with additional 5000 offices of supervisory police officers across the country. It digitized data related to FIR registration, investigation and charge sheets in all police stations. It helped in developing a national database of crime and criminals.
    3. National Population Register (NPR): The main objective behind the creation of the NPR is to help in better utilization and implementation of the benefits and services under the government schemes, improve planning, improve security and prevent identity fraud. The data collected was then be digitized in the local language of the State as well as in English. We in our private centres digitized the data from the scanned images forms provided.We always aim at giving best effort to what we do and this is what we had been delivering each year with rigorous zeal and disciplined consistency.This is what we have to offer:
      • Data Governance
      • Data Architecture & Design
      • Data Ingestion
      • Data Preparation
      • Data Storage & Indexing
      • Data Consumption

We offer a wide range of data entry and IT enabled services to clients/businesses, so they can reduce costs and ease their administrative burden by outsourcing data entry, data digitization.